Bergen County Divorce Attorney Joseph C. Noto on What is you way of resolving a conflict?

Joseph C, Noto,  a Bergen County divorce attorney and Ccollaborative Divorce lawyer attended an exciting collaborative divorce seminar on the ways various people resolve a conflict. He said he learned that there are 4 approaches on doing so. The Professional approach, the detective approach. the Champion approach and the diplomat approach. People have an innocent and distinct way to approach conflict resolution. A person may sometimes blend two of the approachs. The topic was: “You work in an office and an employee says to you it is too hot and the other employee says it is too cold. What do you do? Joseph Noto stated he innocently uses the Professional approach in conjunction with the detective approach. The unanimous solution was to lower the thermostat and have the person saying it was too hot give clothing to the person that said it was too cold. Do you agree?

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