Bergen County Family Law Lawyer, Joseph C. Noto, and Parent and child relocating to another state

Joseph C. Noto, a Bergen County family law lawyer, wants a parent that has a child and is subject to a Property Settlement Agreement regarding custody of the child and relocating outside of NJ needs to know about Benjamin v. Benjamin, Ch. Div., Family Pt. — Ocean Co. (Jones, J.S.C.) (11 pp.). Having another job in place is not a prerequisite for a custodial parent wishing to relocate with a child to another state, but the likelihood of being able to establish a financially stable household is a relevant factor in considering a relocation application. [Decided Oct. 19, 2012. Also, Joseph C. Noto asks that if you are in Bergen County let your friends know about this this if applies to them and speak to a family law lawyer.

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