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Joseph C. Noto, a divorce mediation attorney in Bergen County, who has an office in Wyckoff, NJ says you can get a free consultation if you wish to use the divorce mediation process to resolve your separation without going to court.  His phone number is 201-847-0999 and for information on the divorce mediation process go to his website at  Joseph C. Noto says that divorce mediation is the best alternative to getting a divorce if both parties are a candidate for it. You can resolve everything that you would have had to do had you gone the contested divorce route.  Joseph C. Noto says divorce mediation is faster, and far less expensive compared to the costly contested divorce with this process and it is best for the family if there are children involved.

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Joseph C. Noto New Jersey Family Collaborative Law Act

Joseph C. Noto, a Bergen County collaborative divorce lawyer, spoke to the Bergen Mediators PCG on February 4, 2015 on the New Jersey Family Collaborative Law Act, the benefits of doing a collaborative divorce, and the similarities and differences between a collaborative process and mediation process. Joseph Noto said the attendees were all mediators and were very interested in the collaborative divorce process and asked many questions about the Act. He explained that the similarites are: both processes are voluntary and can be terminated without a reason; the goal is what is in the best interest of the family; generally faster and cost effective compared to a contested divorce in court; and it is confidential in both processes. The difference is that in a collaborative divorce if the party terminates the process the collaborative divorce attorney can not represent his client in the contested divorce, whereas as a mediator friendly attorney may still represent a party in court. The attendees received a very clear understanding of the New Jersey Family collaborative Law Act and thanked Joseph Noto for his presentation.

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