Child Support…Divorce Mediation

child supportThe ultimate purpose of income and budget information you’ll each provide is to help you determine child and spousal support: if any, how much, in what form, and for how long. Disclosure and discussion of income and budget information will uncover any gap in how much you earn and how much you need.

Your mediator will make sure you accurately document and project your numbers and help you find mutually acceptable ways to address the problem of a gap between earnings and need. Many people already live up to 40% beyond their means. Add to that the fact that it will be even more expensive to maintain two households (in general up to another 40% more). The goal of mediation will be to maintain your standards of living to the extent possible. This will include generating options for reducing expenses, increasing income, and/or selling assets.

Alimony should be determined before child support. Your attorneys will look at New Jersey statute and case law to help determine the types of alimony, if any, that would be appropriate in your situation. Review and cooperative discussion of your budgets of future needs will help you come to a fair agreement regarding alimony.

For helpful information about alimony, see Divorce Headquarters’ Alimony page.


Child Support…

is mandated by law, and is calculated based on a percentage of your combined net income. Each parent contributes the same percentage of his/her income to the children’s expenses. Beyond cash child support, parents must share child-care costs incurred by the resident parent while working as well as uncovered medical expenses. You are also expected to cover children under any employer-provided health plan. If after reviewing your budgets of future needs and applying New Jersey’s Child Support Guidelines we find there’s a gap, closing the gap will be the subject of negotiation.
For helpful information about child support, see Divorce Headquarters’ Child Support page and Child Support Calculator.

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