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collaborative divorce


Collaborative divorce, collaborative practice ,or collaborative law, is a faster, less stressful, more affordable and more dignified alternative to contested divorce. It is a new approach that helps couples reach a fair divorce settlement without litigation.



collaborative divorce

Collaborative Divorce….The core principles are:

  • a “no-court” pledge; if the parties can’t agree, the collaborative law attorneys withdraw from the matter.
  • open communication and information sharing; both spouses agree to provide all relevant documents and information.
  • reaching a resolution that meets the essential needs of both spouses and their children.

Collaborative divorce is an excellent alternative to contested divorce.
It is typically:

  • less time-consuming and more cost-effective.
  • a more positive atmosphere for settlement in which the parties retain control of the process and everyone is fully and respectfully involved.
  • a level playing field where neither party is disadvantaged by a lack of funds for legal fees.
  • less fraught with fear and anxiety.


Once the parties reach a mutually agreeable settlement through conferences and discussions, the attorneys draft legally binding documents, which are then submitted to the Court. These documents typically include a Complaint for Divorce, a signed Matrimonial Settlement Agreement, and a Final Judgment of Divorce.

Collaborative Divorce vs. Divorce Mediation

In collaborative divorce, each spouse is represented in the negotiations by his or her own attorney. In divorce mediation, spouses negotiate on their own behalf with the discussion guided by a specially trained mediator who is thoroughly versed in the relevant law but does not provide legal advice or advocate for either party individually. What collaborative divorce and divorce mediation have in common is a commitment to reaching a fair settlement for the whole family. Both rely on the free and respectful exchange of key information. A specially trained collaborative law attorney can help divorcing couples decide whether divorce mediation, collaborative divorce, or contested divorce is best in light of their particular circumstances.

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Recommended Attorneys

Should you require help with a divorce in central or southern New Jersey, consider the services of these highly trained collaborative law specialists:

  • Linda Piff, Esq. PC:  Wall Township (Certified Divoce Mediator and Collaborative Law certifications 2005-2007)
  • Donald D. Vanarelli:  Westfield (Certified Elder Law Attorney, Accredited Professional Mediator and trained Collaborative Law attorney)

NJ Collaborative Law Attorney:

  • Interdisciplinary Trainer in Collaborative Law
  • Co-founder and Member of New Jersey Council of Collaborative Practice Group
  • Co-founder and first President of the New Jersey Collaborative Law Group
  • Member of the International Academy of Collaborative Profesionals (IACP)
  • Trustee and Member of the North Jersey Collaborative Law Group
  • Specially trained Collaborative Law Attorney
  • Received training in Vienna, Austria at the First Annual International Academy of Collaborative Professionals from Stuart G. Webb, founder of collaborative law.
  • J.D., St. Johns University School of Law, 1965
  • Admitted to practice 1968 in New Jersey and U.S. District Court, District of New Jersey
  • Member, New Jersey State Bar Association