Ethics and Collaborative Law Process

bergen county divorce attorney joe noto esq.

The Collaborative Divorce Association of North Jersey (the Association”) held a seminar on April 21, 2015 regarding Ethics and the Collaborative Law Process.  Larry Esposito, president of the Association conducted the presentation and Joseph C. Noto, a Bergen County collaborative law attorney and a Board director and member of the Association, said he did a great presentation on the subject.  Larry integrated Opinion 699 of the Advisory Committee of Professional Ethics with the relevant N.J. Rules of Professional Conduct, the International Association of Collaborative Professionals ethical standards and the recently passed New Jersey Family Collaborative Law Act.  The attendees of the Association were all collaborative law attorneys and the discussions addressed: screening issues before a client may enter into the collaborative law process; how ethics apply to the Participation Agreement, which every client must sign to commence the collaborative law process; confidentiality issues, discovery issues, cut off dates and advocacy issues during the process.  This subject is of great concern to collaborative law attorneys since they represent a client on a very limited basis during the collaborative process and facts arise regarding all these issues which must be dealt with ethically.

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