Human Attachment seminar Joseph C. Noto Bergen County collaborative divorce lawyer

Learning about the three (3) different types of human attachments people may have from the time of birth and then helping a collaborative divorce lawyer in the collaborative process knowing which attachment a client has is very helpful to know, says Joseph C. Noto, a collaborative divorce lawyer in Bergen  County.  He attended an all day semnar presented by one (1) very qualified mental health professional and one (1) collaborative attorney, who has done over 100 collaborative divorces.  They explained that there are three (3) types of attachments a person may have from birth: (1) a secure one; (2) an anxiety-ambivalent one or (3) an avoidant attachment.  Once the collaborative attorney knows what the parties’ attachments are s/he then knows how to proceed in the collaborative process.  Joesph Noto says it all about “creating and keeping a Safe and Secure base” for the clients while the process is going on.  Each attachment is treated differently by the collaborative attorney in the collaborative process in order to maintain this safe and secure base.   Not easy, but necessary, so that the parties continue to work together to arrive at a resolution that they will be satisfied with.  Joseph Noto also learned that this assesment of an attachment applies to his other clients and in life as well.  He said the seminar was well worth the money.

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