Joseph C. Noto, Bergen County divorce attorney, and palimony

Joseph C. Noto, a Bergen County divorce attorney, wants you to know that a recent case, decided by the NJ Court of Appeals, in Maeker v. Ross, App. Div. (Sapp-Peterson, J.A.D.) (24 pp.) reversed the trial court ruling that the 2010 amendment to the Statute of Frauds, N.J.S.A. 25:1-5(b), requiring a writing memorializing palimony agreements and the independent advice of counsel for each party in advance of executing the agreement, applies only to palimony agreements entered after the Jan. 18, 2010, effective date of the amendment. It held the amendment is enforcement legislation, which addresses under what circumstances enforcement of palimony agreements may be enforced irrespective of when the purported agreement may have been entered. This may apply to you or a friend.

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