Joseph C. Noto, Bergen County divorce attorney, and someone elses failed collaborative law csse

Joseph C, Noto, a collaborative divorce attorney in Bergen County, attended a North Jersey Collaborative Law Group luncheon, of which he is a board member, and the two collaborative divorce attorneys explained how a case they were working on recently failed.  It’s all about the initial screening of the spouses and they agreed they failed to insist on the spouses using a mental health professional for an additional screening. The husband did not want to use one and that is a very good indicator that he was not candidate for a collaborative divorce. Meeting with a mental health professional would further help to determine if the spouses are candidates for the collaborative process. When ever you or a friend wish to do a collaborative divorce, Joseph C. Noto recommends to use the interdisciplinary team model with a facilitator/mental health professional!  It is money well spent.

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