Joseph C. Noto Bergen County Divorce Attorney North Jersey Collaborative Law Group Board member

Joseph C. Noto, announces that the North Jersey Collaborative Law Group has elected its new officers and Board Members for the upcoming year. Mr. Noto a divorce attorney in Bergen county has been a member of the Board when it was formed 7 years ago. The newly elected President is Larry Esposito, Esq,; the Vice President is Cathy J. Pollak, Esq.; Treasurer: Walter Loeffler, CPA/ABV, CFF, CVA; and Secretary: Adam Berner, Esq. The Board now has ten (10) members of which Joseph C. Noto continues to be a member. They are: Larry Esposito, Esq.; Cathy Pollack, Esq.; Adam Berner, Esq.; Mitchell S. Arons, Esq.; Sharon Clancy, Esq.; Laura Van Tassel, Esq.; Joseph C. Noto, Esq.; Sharon Klempner, LCSW, BCD;  Shireen B. Meistrich, LCSW and  Walter Loeffler, CPA/ABV, CFF, CVA.  Everyone will serve a one (1) year term.  All the Board members are collaboratively trained professionals and have a strong belief that the ccollaborative divorce process is the best way to go if the spouses are candidates for this process. The North Jersey Collaborative Law Group has twenty four (24) collaborative trained divorce attorneys; six (6) collaboratively trained Licensed Clinical Social Workers, and three (3) Financial professionals. It continuously hold seminars to further educate its members in the collaborative divorce process and Mr. Noto says the Group is a moving force in New Jersey in the collaborative law process.

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