Joseph C. Noto Bergen County divorce lawyer Collaborative Divorce seminar

Joseph C. Noto presented, along with a licensed clinical social worker and a financial person, to approximately 21 collaboratively trained Bergen County divorce lawyers and 6 mental health professionals, (all of which are members of the North Jersey Collaborative Law Group) a seminar called “Lost At Sea”. It was a collaborative law team building exercise. You were were stranded on a life boat 1000 miles at sea with 15 items that you had to collaborate with the people on the boat what is the order which the 15 items would be used on the boat. The “shaving mirror” was first since it could be repeatedly used to signal to a  plane or a boat passing by. The last (#15) was a sextant since it didn’t matter that you had one. It was very interesting to watch the attendees collaborate as a team and what they unanimuously agreed upon as to the order of the 15 items. In a collaborative team it is neccesary that the team agrees on the Agenda and what they think will work best for the husband and wife that are in the collaborative divorce process. Joseph Noto impressed on the attendees that in his opinion the interdisciplinary facilitator model is the best collaborative divorce model to use when using the collaborative divorce process. If and when you seek such a  process ask the collaborative lawyer what model s/he will use in the collaborative process.

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