Joseph C. Noto Bergen County Divorce Lawyers What is a Family Law Case Information Statement?

Joseph C. Noto, a Bergen County divorce lawyer, wants you to know the most important document to be prepared when filing for divorce or filing an Answer to  the Complaint for Divorce is the filing of the required Case Information Statement, (the “CIS”).  The NJ Rules of Court require it to be submitted when going to the first Case Managment Conference. The CIS addresses among other things: the marital history, such as the information as to the date of the marriage, the children’s names, ages and where they are residing; the lifestyle of the marriage; and lists all the assets and liabilities of the marriage. The CIS has seven (7) sections. You will need to prepare for your attorney to review prior to filing: Part C. (the “Income Information”,  where the parties disclose last year’s and the current year’s earned and unearned income; Part D (“Monthly Expenses”), where you must identify, by category and amounts, the monthly expenses while you were living with your spouse and then also list your current expenses. You will have to go through your credit cards and checks to establish these items in order to have it listed in the CIS; and Part E. (the “Balance Sheet of All Family Assets ad Liabilities”).  Joseph C. Noto says to garner all this information for when you meet with your attorney. This very important CIS is also needed if a Motion Pendent Lite is filed to obtain maintenance from the other spouse; a freeze on the assets and legal fees if needed. Joseph Noto can not stress the importance of the CIS. The Judge has no knowledge of the marital relationship and the CIS accomplishes this if timely and properly completed filed.

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