Joseph C. Noto, Divorce Lawyers Bergen County, NJ Collaborative Practice Groups Legislative Committee

Joseph C. Noto, a collaborative divorce lawyer in Bergen County, is now a member of the NJ Council of Collaborative Practice Groups Legislative Committee, along with seven (7) other collaborative divorce lawyers and a financial and mental health professional. The New Jersey Council of Collaborative Practice Groups, (the “Council”),  held its third annual retreat on April 25, 2013.  98 collaboratively trained professionals attended, which attendees included 58 collaboratively trained divorce lawyers. Joseph Noto explained that there were two speakers. The first speaker, Marna L. Brown, Esq, Counsel, who is from the New Jersey Law Revision Committee, explained the Proposed New Jersey Revision of the Uniform Collaborative Law Act and was asking for comments from all of the Council’s members to be submitted to her for the Law Revison Commission to consider when finalizing the Collaborative Law Act. The second speaker was Valerie Brown, Esq.   Valerie Brown, Esq. is a lawyer, mediator and lobbyist. She was introduced to the attendees as the Council’s lobbyist regarding the proposed finalizing of the Collaborative Law Act.  She explained her role as a lobbyist and said that she has never had one matter fail when she was a lobbyist.  She could not state how long it would take to get it passed and that Patience is needed by all of the collaborative trained professionals while this process is going on. She said seven (7)  states and Washington D.C. have passed similar Uniform Collaborative Law acts,  some taking two (2) years and one (1) up to five years to get it enacted.  Joseph C. Noto, will be the Council’s Legislative Committee contact person for the North Jersey Collaborative Practice Group, based out of Bergen County. Joseph Noto said that the collaborative divorce lawyers that attended were very enthusiastic about how the retreat went.

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