Joseph Noto, Bergen County divorce lawyer, and NJ proposed arbitration track

Joseph Noto, a Bergen County divorce lawyer, wants to keep you posted on the NJ state Supreme Court’s Family Practice Committee’s recommendation of rule changes to establish an arbitration track for family cases for certain family court matters. Many litigants in family cases already make use of arbitration but the suggested rule changes would expedite the process and better integrate it into the court case. The parties would get a year to resolve matters through arbitration, unless they could show “good cause” to extend the period and during that time, they would be entitled to scheduling consideration. There are two types of arbitration: non-binding and binding. Presently Joseph Noto is doing a BINDING arbitration, which in his opinion is the better way to go if you chose to go the arbitration route.  He says that this is a very effective way to resolve all the differences in a divorce.

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