Overview Process…Overview Of The Divorce Mediation Process

Overview Process…What is outlined here is intended only to give you a general sense of the process. Your own mediation will be tailored to your individual situation and determined by your needs.

overview processOverview Process…Before mediation begins

Contact mediator. Schedule initial half-hour consultation.
Both spouses meet with mediator for consultation. Schedule first joint session.

Overview Process…During mediation

Week 1: First joint session.

  • Provide basic information about your situation.
  • Define parameters of negotiation.

Weeks 2 & 3: Individual sessions (“caucuses”).

  • Explore your issues individually with mediator.
  • Receive income, budget, and net worth forms.
  • Discuss emergent matters.

Week 4: Future parenting (joint session).

Week 5: Budget and support (joint session).

Week 6: Dividing the assets (joint session).

Weeks 7 & 8: Mediator prepares Memo of Understanding.

Overview Process…Transition and post-mediation

Within 30 days:

  • Individual attorneys review Memo of Understanding.
  • Attorney for initiating spouse prepares Property Settlement Agreement, discusses with other spouse’s attorney, and files for divorce.

Within 60 days of filing:

  • Divorce is finalized by judge in brief uncontested divorce hearing.

The benefits of divorce mediation are powerful and clear:

  • Mediation saves you considerable time and money.
  • Mediation makes you more committed to the agreement since it is you who works through it instead of your attorneys.
  • Mediation gives you a sense of control over the process and allows you to maintain your dignity.
  • You—not a judge—determine what is fair distribution of assets/liabilities, spousal support, custody, parenting time, and child support.
  • Mediation helps you learn to talk to each other, enhancing communication for a more cooperative future relationship, especially in your working partnership as parents.
  • By applying the principle of fairness, mediation maximizes the benefits for everyone and proportionally distributes the sacrifices.

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