Parenting…Divorce Mediation



Parents want the best for their children to ensure their growth, development, happiness, and success now and in the future. How you work out your parenting arrangements through and after divorce will impact your children and your relationship with them. You need not be friends, but after the divorce, you must still maintain a long-standing parenting partnership for the sake of your children. Consider options that respect your children’s individual needs, their relationships and interactions with each parent and siblings, and their unfolding development. Consider how to maintain and foster access to both parents.

Parenting…The major parenting decisions include:

  • Where the children will live and how decision-making is shared regarding health, education, welfare, upbringing, values, etc. This is commonly referred to as custody, and can be joint or sole.
  • How the children will spend a typical week as well as holidays, birthdays, vacations, and school breaks, known as parenting time. For helpful information about parenting time, see Divorce Headquarters’ Visitation page.
  • The amount, duration, and nature of child support. This is based on income/expenses and time spent with each parent, and is informed by state guidelines. In New Jersey, child support ceases when a child is emancipated.

The benefits of divorce mediation are powerful and clear:

  • Mediation saves you considerable time and money.
  • Mediation makes you more committed to the agreement since it is you who works through it instead of your attorneys.
  • Mediation gives you a sense of control over the process and allows you to maintain your dignity.
  • You—not a judge—determine what is fair distribution of assets/liabilities, spousal support, custody, parenting time, and child support.
  • Mediation helps you learn to talk to each other, enhancing communication for a more cooperative future relationship, especially in your working partnership as parents.
  • By applying the principle of fairness, mediation maximizes the benefits for everyone and proportionally distributes the sacrifices.

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