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joseph noto presentation on interdisciplinary team

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Joseph C. Noto. a collaborative divorce lawyer in Bergen County, was asked to make a presentation on May 19th on the interdisciplinary team approach in a collaborative divorce case to the “Mid-Jersey Collaborative Law Alliance” and “when do you start the InterdisciplinaryTeam Approach?  Joseph Noto first established what is an interdisciplinary team.  He told them that the team consists of two (2) attorneys, and a neutral: faciliatator/mental health professional, a financial professional and a parent/child specialist when there are children in the family.  All of the members of the interdisciplinary team are collaboratively trained.  Joseph Noto then explained the role of the interdisciplinary team, which is to help the parties arrive at an outcome that they think is in the bests interest of their family.  He then explained that the team should start right at the outset of the collaborative case.  Since the team controls the Process and the clients control the Content and Outcome, all the team members need to know what is going on in the case all the time. He explained that the facilatator/mental health neutral helps the paents work out what they think is the best custody and parenting plan for their children, if there are children in the case, and is in every joint session with the parties, as well as when they meet with the financial person to discuss the financial matters to arrive at a settlement, if they do not work it out in the joint sessions.  The financial professional garners all the financial information of the parties to disseminate to the parties and attorneys in order that the parties can work out alimony and child support, if appropriate, and the division of the equitable assets and liabilities of the parties. The neutral child specialist is brought in and meets with the children BEFORE a parenting plan is worked out with the facilatator/mental health neutral. This child specialist is the voice of the children and generally only one or two sessions are needed with the children and the team and parents are then informed of the childrens’ feelings.  Mr Noto then explained that although at first blush it seems like this is very costly process, since there a lot of  people in the case, actually it saves the clients money since they have a neutral who is using their discipline to help the parties work out their concerns at a lower cost rather than two attorneys who will cost considerably more and are not as qualified in those disciplines.  Generally, the clients save over 35% using the interdisciplinary team approach over the litigation process and it is consideraly faster to get divorced.  Joseph Noto said that this model, in his opinion, is the best model to use since it lets the parties decide what is best for their family and not the courts. There were 25 people present at the presentation, consisting of lawyers, mental health and financial professionals,  all of whom are collaboratively trained.  After numersous questions the collective agreement was that the interdisciplinary team approach from the beginning is the best way to go.  Some members gave examples of how a case failed since they either didn’t use a nuetral or brought them in too late.  Joseph Noto said he felt like “Johnny Appleseed”  spreading the word on the “interdisciplnary team approach from the outset” and thanked the members for asking him to make the presentation and helping him in speading the word.

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Ethics and Collaborative Law Process

bergen county divorce attorney joe noto esq.

The Collaborative Divorce Association of North Jersey (the Association”) held a seminar on April 21, 2015 regarding Ethics and the Collaborative Law Process.  Larry Esposito, president of the Association conducted the presentation and Joseph C. Noto, a Bergen County collaborative law attorney and a Board director and member of the Association, said he did a great presentation on the subject.  Larry integrated Opinion 699 of the Advisory Committee of Professional Ethics with the relevant N.J. Rules of Professional Conduct, the International Association of Collaborative Professionals ethical standards and the recently passed New Jersey Family Collaborative Law Act.  The attendees of the Association were all collaborative law attorneys and the discussions addressed: screening issues before a client may enter into the collaborative law process; how ethics apply to the Participation Agreement, which every client must sign to commence the collaborative law process; confidentiality issues, discovery issues, cut off dates and advocacy issues during the process.  This subject is of great concern to collaborative law attorneys since they represent a client on a very limited basis during the collaborative process and facts arise regarding all these issues which must be dealt with ethically.

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Divorce Through Kid’s Eyes

Joseph C. Noto, a Bergen County divorce lawyer, attended a session on Divorce Through Kid’s Eyes, which was held on Monday, March 16, 2015, by the collaborative law group called the Collaborative Divorce Association of North Jersey,(CDANJ). It was presented to its group members of which Joseph Noto is a member and director. The divorce coaches of CDANJ showed a documentary 20 minute film called “SPLIT” produced by Ellen Bruno. There were sixteen (16) brief scenes of children, ages from 6 to 12 years old, all of whom are children of a divorced family. The children also did the cartoons in the film which were very informative as well. You really learn how children feel after a divorce and can see why parents, who many are in denial of that they think they know what is going on in their child(ren)’s minds, don’t know what is going on in their child(ren)’s minds. The collaborative bergen county divorce attorney joe noto esq.law process has as a team member the use of a Child Specialist who meets wth the child(ren) BEFORE the parenting plan is worked out. The collaboratively trained Child Specialist is the spokesperson for the child(ren) and.usually within one or two sessions has a good feeling of how the children feel regarding the separation. The Child specialist then updates the Team and the parents about how the child(ren) are handling the separation. Joseph Noto said he learned that the Child Specialist is used REGARDLESS of whether the child(ren) are troublesome or not.

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