Timeframe Cost…Divorce Mediation

timeframe costTimeframe Cost…The Timeframe

Timeframe cost of divorce mediation generally entails 6 to 10 sessions depending on the complexity of the issues and your commitment to reaching agreement. Each session lasts one hour, but may be extended in any particular session if that?s deemed beneficial and productive. A weekly meeting schedule is typical, although you may sometimes want additional time between sessions to gather information or process options.

Timeframe Cost…The Cost & Payment

A mediation generally runs about 6 to 12 hours, plus typically 2 to 3 hours for the mediator to put together your Memorandum of Understanding. Since mediation prepares for an uncontested divorce, your legal fees will be dramatically less. During mediation, your attorneys act as legal advisors but don?t have to spend numerous hours preparing for trial as in a contested divorce (even if 99% never make it that far). Since the mediator works for both of you, spouses typically share in the fee, paying proportionately to their means. Payment is made at the end of each session, and 24-hours advance notice is usually necessary for cancellations to avoid a charge for the session.

The benefits of divorce mediation are powerful and clear:

  • Mediation saves you considerable time and money.
  • Mediation makes you more committed to the agreement since it is you who works through it instead of your attorneys.
  • Mediation gives you a sense of control over the process and allows you to maintain your dignity.
  • You—not a judge—determine what is fair distribution of assets/liabilities, spousal support, custody, parenting time, and child support.
  • Mediation helps you learn to talk to each other, enhancing communication for a more cooperative future relationship.
  • By applying the principle of fairness, mediation maximizes the benefits for everyone and proportionally distributes the sacrifices.

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